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The Edgewood Olympic Challenge

On January 12, 2018, Dr. Houseknecht and Mr. Yang introduced the Edgewood Olympic Challenge. Watch the whole video below!

The U.S. Olympic Training Facility is located in Colorado Springs. For the Edgewood Olympics to begin, we must run the distance from Colorado Springs to Edgewood School: 1827 miles! Track our progress on the map!

We have run 195 miles.
1632 miles to go!
We are now near Brewster, KS.

The Edgewood Olympic Challenge
Video Coming Soon!!

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Smiley  Amber said on January 18, 2018:
This vid was great! keep up the goood work!
Smiley  Amber said on January 18, 2018:
I am lucky!!!!!
Smiley  Nori said on January 13, 2018:
I was the mail man!!!!!
Smiley  Leah Im said on January 12, 2018:
This assembly was great! I thought it was very funny keep up the good work Alessandra and Suhani!
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on January 12, 2018:
What an assembly! Great job to Dr. Houseknecht's and Mr. Yang's trainers, and everyone else involved in the show! I think Mr. Yang deserves a lifetime supply of whatever kind of donuts he wants!