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The Edgewood News Team

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The Edgewood School News Team is a volunteer group that meets during lunch times with the guidance of Mr. Cadalzo, Mr. DelMonaco, Mr. Fitz, Ms. Martin, and Mr. Tomizawa. Our goal is to produce exciting stories that tell the kids of Edgewood what's going on around the school.

We create text, photo, and audio stories for this website, and slides for EagleVision, the television at our school's main entrance.

The stories we produce are made through investigative journalism. First, we decide on topics and form a teams of reporters.

Next, in our teams, we decide whom we will interview and generate questions to ask.

Media Club

Then, we conduct the interviews. We might take photos, write notes, or use a digital audio recorder if we are creating a podcast.

Finally, we create our stories. If we are making a written story, we work together to carefully construct the text. If our story is a podcast, we review the audio from our interview, write a script, record our voices, and put everything together using an audio editing program called GarageBand. If we are making a presentation for EagleVision, we work in a program called Keynote to make the slides.

We hope you enjoy our stories. If you have an idea for a future story, please speak to one of our reporters!