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News Story 
Meet Mrs. O'Connor  Text
   My name is Kim O'Connor, and I grew up in Mahopac, NY. My favorite memory of elementary school was having the opportunity to go to the same school with 5 of my first cousins.
News Story 
Edgewood Welcomes Mrs. Divino  Text
   Hi! My name is Mrs. Divino. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island in a town called Cedarhurst, which is part of a group of communities called the Five Towns.
News Story 
An Interview with Johanna Hurwitz  Video
by Alexandre Leroy, Amey Jha, Cynthia Bekele, Emily Levine, Jai Ruta, Kyle Gandhi and Miarose Petronella
   What does Johanna Hurwitz collect for fun? What did she do when a meatball rolled down her friend's sleeve? Why did she run around Central Park pretending to be a Guinea pig? Find out all this and more in this interview!
News Story 
Mystery Reader  Audio  Photo  Text
by Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine and Paula Serrano
   The Mystery Reader is someone who signs up and then, when the time comes, they go down to the first grade classroom. They wait outside until the first graders scream out the door, "OH, MYSTERY READER!!!!!" Then the Mystery Reader comes in.
News Story 
The Douglas Florian Interview  Video
by Alexander Bates, Emily Levine, Francesco Pileggi, McKinley Conlan, Nicholas Bates and Ralph Jones
   On March 24th, Douglas Florian visited Edgewood. We interviewed him to get the inside scoop. It was a lot of fun!
News Story 
What It's Like To Be a Teacher at Edgewood  Audio
by Nicholas Bates and Wesleigh Ulrich
   We interviewed Mr. Cadalzo about what it's like to be a teacher.
News Story 
18 Years at Edgewood  Video
by Emily Levine and Ralph Jones
   Our three guests represent 18 consecutive years of Edgewood history. Emma Dekidjiev attended Edgewood from 1993-1999, Alex Capello from 1999-2004, and Sophia Mohlulis from 2004-2010.
News Story 
Reading Videos at Edgewood  Audio  Text
by Alexander Dyakin, Bingkun Duan, Lucas Aulisi, Max Meizlik and Seamus Finn
   The teachers at Edgewood School are making videos about their reading lives as kids and as adults.
News Story 
An Interview with Janet and Jake Tashjian  Audio  Photo
by Alessia Schettino, Ari Lemisch, Ben Ewing, Eve Rich and Matthew Barotz
   Janet and Jake Tashjian are a mother and son, author and illustrator team that recently visited Edgewood. Listen to our Edgewood News reporters get some great stories about their lives and work!
News Story 
An Interview with David Adler  Video
by Ben Ewing, Eve Rich, Matthew Tardif, Patrick Vasilescu and Simran Ruta
   What author wrote more books in the Edgewood Library than any other author? David A. Adler, best known for his Cam Jansen series, came to visit Edgewood on March 14, 2014.

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