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News Story 
Playground Cleanup  Audio
by Fisher Waterhouse, Inés Hall and Spencer Sheppe
   Don't you wonder how the Edgewood playground is so neat? Come listen to this podcast and find out.
News Story 
Haiti's Helping Hands  Audio
by Liana Givner and Nana Miyamoto
   If you want to find out how Edgewood helped Haiti, then click here at Haiti's Helping Hands! (no charge included)
News Story 
T.J.'s Dad as a Firefighter  Audio
by Harrison Baldwin and TJ Killian
   Did you ever want to know how T.J.'s dad became a firefighter? If you do, this is the podcast for you.
News Story 
Yale Football  Audio
by Grace Vericker and Sierra Donovan
   Hey, you want to learn about Yale football? If you do, this isn't the story for you. Just kidding! Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Listen to find out!
News Story 
The Swimmy Photo  Photo  Text
by Alexa Widlitz, Anya Tullman, Liana Givner and Sierra Donovan
   Do you want to see the ultimate Swimmy photo? The one that was picked over the many photos that were shot? If you do, then click right here to see it, to read about it, and to see some behind-the-scenes photos.
News Story 
The Secret Behind Recycling  Audio
by Joie Liew
   Have you ever wondered about what happens behind the scenes in recycling? This interview tells you what is behind the scene in recycling.
News Story 
The Environmental Club  Audio
by Skyler Lewis
   Did you ever want to learn about the environment? Do you want to help the environment? Listen to this podcast and you'll get some ideas.

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