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News Story 
Mrs. Pinto Is Back!!!  Photo  Text
by Alessia Schettino and EllaJoy Eikamp
   Do you know any teacher who worked at two schools, was an aide, a student teacher, and a teacher, and has taught all grades? Well, here she is...the one and only, Mrs. Pinto!
News Story 
Our New Art Teacher  Text
by Declinda Perfetti, Ella Isak and Joshitha Arora
   Mr. Fitz is our new school art teacher. He got interested in art when he was about two years old. He always played with his food and made sculptures with it!
News Story 
Mr. Gluck Can Fly!!!  Audio  Video  Text
by Ari Lemisch and Karl Li
   Did you know Mr. Gluck can fly? Read all about it in this amazing story that you'll love and watch the cool videos of him flying multiple planes.
News Story 
My name is...
   Mr. Fitz's assistant needs a name. Find out what it is right here!
News Story 
Mrs. Pasternack's Memories  Photo  Text
by Asuka Maeda and Emily Shiromoto
   Oh no! Mrs. Pasternack is retiring! Read and post your favorite memories of her here!
News Story 
One Glucky Day  Audio  Photo
by Ben Goldstein and Sydney Block
   One morning, our school super-hero, Mr. Gluck, saved a man from a car flipped on its side. Listen to this interview where he tells us all about it.
News Story 
What It Is Like To Be a Fifth Grader  Audio  Text
by Apollonia Perfetti, Ella Isak, Isabel Horney and Willow Adler
   Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a fifth grader? Listen to the audio story to find out all about it!
News Story 
Ms. Tyler Retires  Text
by Helena Leroy, Juliana Lebron, Lily O'Hare and Virginia Lilly
   A teacher that we loved...left Edgewood School. Marcia Tyler retired in June 2011. Leave your favorite memories here.
News Story 
Simran's India Trip  Audio  Photo  Text
by Simran Ruta and Taylor Olender
   Have you ever heard of going to a market, picking a chicken out, then killing it yourself? Check out this story for more information!
News Story 
Our New Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Tyrrell  Audio
by Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   Mrs. Tyrrell is our new Third Grade teacher. Find out all about her in this amazing podcast!

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