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News Story 
Ms. Five When She Started Working Here  Audio
by MaryKate Filos
   If you need to or you just want to learn about Ms. Five's first few years here, then listen to this podcast. The reason is because it's about what Ms. Five did when she started working here, like who she drove to school with every day. If you want to find out, you're going to have to listen.
News Story 
The Amazing TV  Audio
by Harrison Bookner
   Did you ever know that there is a TV by the library? It can show any picture that Mr. Tomizawa puts up there. If you want to learn about the TV, listen to my podcast.
News Story 
Edgewood School Sculpture  Audio
by Giuliana DiDomenico
   Have you ever wondered how the sculpture was made? They had to do a lot of cool stuff. You're going to have to listen to my podcast to find out.
News Story 
The Closing of the Field  Audio
by Robby Wilentz
   Did you ever think, "Why was the field closed?" If you want to know why the field was closed, listen to this podcast.
News Story 
The Inside Scoop About the Circle of Friends  Audio
by Olivia Leone
   Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Circle of Friends, like who hung it up an other things like that? Listen to this podcast and all of your questions will be answered.
News Story 
The History of the Time Capsule  Audio
by Lauren Titone
   Do you want to know what is in the Time Capsule from 1994? Do you know where the Edgewood Time Capsule is? Listen to this and find out.

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