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News Story 
The Board of Legislators Visit  Photo  Text
by Aaron Bliss, Jacob Rosewater and Sam Levine
   The fifth grade went to the Westchester Board of Legislators Office. They split up into four groups and debated four different laws.
News Story 
Python Computer Programming  Text
by Andrew Lewis
   Python is a cool computer programming language. Learn how to use it and get some sample programs here!
News Story 
Bob Answers Your Questions  Video
   What's the latest with Bob?
News Story 
My name is...
   Mr. Fitz's assistant needs a name. Find out what it is right here!
News Story 
Thanksgiving Assembly 2012  Audio  Photo
by Elizabeth D'Ambrosio, Emily Shiromoto and Peter Troiano
   On November 21, 2012, the first graders put on a Thanksgiving assembly. Check out the photos and audio from the show.
News Story 
Effervescent Launcher  Video  Text
by Markus Johansson
   Something explosive is going on in fifth grade. Check out this story to find out all about it!
News Story 
Leaving the Amazing Edgewood  Text
by Hannah Lebow
   Read Hannah's reflections about what it's like to leave Edgewood when fifth grade comes to a close.
News Story 
Egg-citing Eggs!!  Photo  Text
by Mrs. O'Rouke's Class
   Mrs. O'Rourke's class is hatching chickens and ducks. Find out all about it in this incredible article written by their whole class!
News Story 
No Homework!  Text
by Sophia Trujillo
   I think kids should have no homework! Are you with me? Well, if not, I hope you are after you read this article.
News Story 
What It Is Like To Be a Fifth Grader  Audio  Text
by Apollonia Perfetti, Ella Isak, Isabel Horney and Willow Adler
   Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a fifth grader? Listen to the audio story to find out all about it!

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