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News Story 
Ecosystems from Pepsico  Photo  Text
by Devin Ankeney and Gabriella Rub
   Watch this PowerPoint presentation to see how 4th graders made an ecosystem in a terrarium and an aquarium!
News Story 
Homework Help  Text
by Hannah Lebow
   Want help with homework? Read this article for some great tips!
News Story 
The First Grade Thanksgiving Play  Audio  Photo  Text
by Cole Sherling, Declinda Perfetti, Sanjana Talus, Simran Ruta and Taylor Olender
   Find out all about the first grade Thanksgiving play in this article. See pictures, listen to sound, and more!!
News Story 
Our New Third Grade Teacher, Mrs. Tyrrell  Audio
by Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   Mrs. Tyrrell is our new Third Grade teacher. Find out all about her in this amazing podcast!
News Story 
What Happens When You Mix Chicks with First Graders  Audio
by Dylan Cadalzo and Melissa Cohen
   Do first graders + chicks = disaster? Listen to our fact-filled, funny podcast to find out.
News Story 
The Spring Concert  Audio
by Casidy Donohue, Grace Vericker and Morgan Costello
   Listen to parts of the spring band and orchestra concert, and find out about the catastrophe that happened in the middle!
News Story 
Edgewood School Goes On Tour  Photo  Video  Text
by Sophia Salazar and Spencer Sheppe
   Come take a look at what third graders learned in college!
News Story 
Third Grade Astronomy Trip  Photo  Text
by Spencer Sheppe
   Every year third grade goes on an astronomy trip. Look at this story and find out about it.
News Story 
The Winter Concert  Photo  Text
by Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 10th Edgewood had a winter concert. Come look at this story and find out about the assembly.
News Story 
The New Spanish Room  Audio
by Ezra Levine
   Hola!!! Come through the doors and into the Spanish room and listen to this podcast RIGHT NOW!!!!!

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