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News Story 
The Winter Concert  Photo  Text
by Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 10th Edgewood had a winter concert. Come look at this story and find out about the assembly.
News Story 
The New Spanish Room  Audio
by Ezra Levine
   Hola!!! Come through the doors and into the Spanish room and listen to this podcast RIGHT NOW!!!!!
News Story 
Space  Audio
by Connor McCarthy and Ezra Levine
   Like space? Want to learn more? Learn about space in this podcast!
News Story 
Lego Robotics  Audio  Photo
by Ezra Levine
   Roll into this podcast as Lego Robotics is revealed before your very ears!!
News Story 
Circuit Rap  Audio
by Elizabeth LeBoyer and Zoe Ewing
   Listen to this rap we created to learn about parallel and series circuits.
News Story 
Mr. Alterman and the Star Lab  Audio  Photo  Text
by Alexa Widlitz and Sierra Donovan
   Did you know bears used to have long tails? If you didn't, you'll find out all about it and much more on this podcast.
News Story 
Endangered Animals  Audio
by Jack Brady and Thomas Jacobson
   Click to listen to Thomas's and Jack's amazing information about endangered animals!
News Story 
The Painfulness of the Edgewood Express  Audio
by Thomas Jacobson
   At Edgewood School there are regular things. But then something painful came to Edgewood. It's called... sorry, you're going to have to keep listening for the rest of the podcast to hear what it's called.
News Story 
Scrabble  Audio
by Tanner McFarland
   Board games are fun, and this is one of the greatest board games ever!
News Story 
Edgewood Pets  Audio
by Kristen Tse
   Edgewood is a place where ordinary things happen. But have you ever wondered what kind of pet was born in Edgewood? Listen to my podcast and find out.

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