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News Story 
Spotlight on the Artist  Audio
by Gabriella Rub, Hannah Sanders, Jenny Durgaj and Katie DelGuercio
   Find out about people's amazing creations, and how Spotlight on the Artist came to be, right here!
News Story 
The First Grade Thanksgiving Play  Audio  Photo  Text
by Cole Sherling, Declinda Perfetti, Sanjana Talus, Simran Ruta and Taylor Olender
   Find out all about the first grade Thanksgiving play in this article. See pictures, listen to sound, and more!!
News Story 
Ms. O'Farrell Retires  Audio  Text
by Alexa K and Jenna Evans
   Longtime Edgewood School teacher Margaret O'Farrell has retired. Listen as she talks about one of her many contributions to the school: the third grade play.
News Story 
The June Talent Show  Audio  Photo  Video
by Amanda Glik, Anna Donovan, Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse, Jenny Durgaj, Melissa Cohen, Sally Ho, Sierra Donovan, Sophia Salazar, Sophie Carroll, Spencer Sheppe
   Check out exclusive sound clips from the performances, backstage interviews, photos, and more from Edgewood's last talent show of the year!!
News Story 
The Spring Concert  Audio
by Casidy Donohue, Grace Vericker and Morgan Costello
   Listen to parts of the spring band and orchestra concert, and find out about the catastrophe that happened in the middle!
News Story 
The Drowsy Chaperone  Audio
by James Heffner
   Listen to James's review of Scarsdale High School's production of The Drowsy Chaperone.
News Story 
The April Talent Show  Photo  Video
by Alexa Widlitz, Anna Donovan, Anya Tullman, Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse, Katie DelGuercio, Madison Amoriello, Melissa Cohen, Sally Ho, Sophia Salazar, Sophie Carroll, Spencer Sheppe and Zach Kempin
   Amazing photos, pictures from backstage, and exclusive behind-the-scenes live interviews. Check out April's incredible talent show!
News Story 
The Talent Show  Photo  Video
by Alexa Widlitz, Anna Donovan, Anya Tullman, Fisher Waterhouse, Katie DelGuercio, Madison Amoriello, Melissa Cohen, Nathalie Quintana, Sally Ho, Sophia Trujillo, Sophia Salazar and Spencer Sheppe
   Want to see some amazing photos of the Talent Show? Check out exclusive backstage photos, videos, and interviews, too!
News Story 
Media Club  Audio
by Anna Donovan and Julia Staffin
   Hey, if you want to learn about Media Club, click here right now ☺!
News Story 
The Winter Concert  Photo  Text
by Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 10th Edgewood had a winter concert. Come look at this story and find out about the assembly.

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