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News Story 
Frosty  Audio
by Adi Pillai and Kazuki Mizuno
   Do you want to know more about the Frosty assembly? If you do, well hear this!
News Story 
Spotlight on the Artist  Audio
by Jackie Varrichio
   Do you know what has 8 by 10 papers and art all over it? Keep listening and find out.
News Story 
The Edgewood Band  Audio
by Janis Louie
   Edgewood School has a band, an Edgewood Band. This amazing activity has many different unique instruments. The amazing thing about the band is you have a choice.
News Story 
Edgewood School Sculpture  Audio
by Giuliana DiDomenico
   Have you ever wondered how the sculpture was made? They had to do a lot of cool stuff. You're going to have to listen to my podcast to find out.

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