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Abandoned House
by Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu

This story is about Mr. Reilly as a kid. His story features a “haunted house”, a “mean” old man and Halloween day. Now you can learn about Mr. Reilly as a kid and the crazy adventure he had.

Mr. Reilly as a Boy

Ring!” the school bell cried out. It was Halloween day, and my friends and I were going to check out the haunted house that everyone was gossiping about. Legend has it that there was a mean, old lady that recently died and became a ghost, and that she haunts anyone who dares go near her house. We wanted to see if the legend was true. I don't believe any of that, but, why not check it out?

“Now are we going to the house or not?” Jeffery asked.

“Are you guys sure about this?” David asked.

“Not totally, but who is!” I thought.

We tiptoed to the house in stealth mode, making sure no one was looking at us, and more importantly, that no one knew we were there. We realized as we approached the house that the legend might be true! There was not a light in the house, but there was this weird, eerie, scary noise coming from the house.

At this point, everyone was a bit nervous. But still, we slowly creeped up to the door full of excitement, and we all hoped for the best. We held our breath as I reached out and turned the doorknob. The door creaked open, and we slowly walked into a creepy, dirty, dark, old house.

“Guys, the house is abandoned,” I said.

What is abandoned!?” demanded a tall, bony, sour faced, wrinkly old man.

My friends stood there for a few seconds with their mouths wide open. Then they bolted as fast as they could all the way home. I was about to shout in agony because I was so scared he would eat me for dinner.

But then the old man asked me if I wanted tea. I was so surprised, but I was worried of what he would do otherwise so … I … said … “Yes!"

“Perfect!” the old man said grinning. “My name is Bob! Would you also like some cookies, as well?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed, feeling much less shy now. We ate all the cookies and used up almost all the tea leaves. We were engaged in conversation, and all of a sudden he asked, “Do you want to see the REAL ghost?”

That's when I knew things would get interesting.

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Smiley  Lillian said on May 14, 2019:
the real ghosts name is bob, and he has a watch cat named Pete. P.s pete is the edgewood ghost cat, and petes fur can change color.
Smiley  Hannah said on March 27, 2019:
The abandoned house was withen a ten minute walk from Edgewood.
Smiley  Lillian said on March 21, 2019:
To answer ypur question: the abandoned house is somewhere in the middle of Poland.
Smiley  Maria Lopez said on February 24, 2019:
Where is the abandoned house? Why did Bob scared Mr Reilly? What happened at last?
Smiley  Devin said on December 12, 2018:
Um where was this "abandoned house"?
Smiley  Gracie said on November 9, 2018:
I really liked the part where Bob asked Mr. Reilly and his friends "WHAT IS ABANDONED!" It was really funny. IT IS AWESOME!!!
Smiley  Hannah said on November 8, 2018:
What happened next was they all went to the school and became best friends with the Edgewood ghost and they all got Ice cream and had a great, big, disco party. Not what Lillian said.
Smiley  Lillian said on November 8, 2018:
after that, Bob and Mr. Reilly lived in a land with dancing unicorns. So, thats what happened next, to answer your question.- one of the creators of the story. :)
Smiley  Hannah said on November 3, 2018:
Well, the story is mostly true.
Smiley  Hannah said on November 1, 2018:
The story is true, strange, and AWESOME!!! Thanks Mr. Reilly for telling it to everyone in the class!
Smiley  Gabriela said on October 10, 2018:
Ya what happened?
Smiley  Gabriela said on September 15, 2018:
Ya what happened?
Smiley  Sophia said on June 1, 2018:
I love this story. What happened next?
Smiley  DANIEL said on May 16, 2018:
a bit scary but VERY COOL
Smiley  Angelina said on April 23, 2018:
that was cool!
Smiley  Ryan said on April 23, 2018: