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The Bruce Hale Interview
by Amey Jha, Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Henry Sperling, Lucas Heidbreder and Tomoya Hatano
On April 29, 2017, Bruce Hale visited Edgewood. Our Edgewood News reporters sat down for an in-depth conversation with this amazing author.

An Conversation with Bruce Hale

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes

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Smiley  Tessa franco said on May 21, 2017:
that was such a good a intervew
Smiley  Alice Brodsky said on May 16, 2017:
Smiley  Grace Varriale said on May 12, 2017:
I love the questions!!!!!!! Thank you Bruce Hale for coming to edgewood.
Smiley  Abigail said on May 11, 2017:
hi bruce!
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on April 28, 2017:
Great interview! I loved how the interviewers added so much of their own thoughts and made it a great conversation! It made the interview super interesting, and you got lots of great information out of the author. Thanks, Mr. Hale, for participating, too! Great job to the student videographers, as well! :-)