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by Phoebe Meizlik and Tessa Leroy

Edgewood School is getting a new library and new technology lab. The school is excited to have more space and no more construction. The new library and the tech space will be the "hub of the school," Dr. Houseknecht said. Mrs. Turner, the librarian, Mr. Tomizawa, and the rest of Edgewood will be able to do all kinds of things in the new workspace.

Mr. Tomizawa has always wanted to work near the librarian and now he can. "These days school librarians and technology teachers offer a lot of overlapping learning experiences for students. They do a lot together with researching, producing media and making things," said Mr. Tomizawa.

"There is also a new entrance to the school and library," Dr. Houseknecht said. "The library is going to have a higher ceiling than before."

When you looked outside at the old library, it was not brick like the rest of the school. It was made of concrete. We are now changing it to brick, so it looks like the rest of the school. In the new library, there will be spaces where you can work with a group or just read quietly.

Mrs. Turner says, "I would like a library that people can relax in and go around to help friends out."

We are trying to decide what chairs, shelves, and bookcases we should choose. The library will have bookcases with wheels on them. The library will also have low bookshelves so it will feel more like an open room. We hope to open the new library and technology lab in the upcoming spring.

Stayed tuned for more information!


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Smiley  Maddy said on May 17, 2018:
Great Job Guys! Great Picture too!!
Smiley  Daniel V said on January 22, 2018:
You were very detailed when you were writing,good job.I learned a lot about what it was gonna look like.In the end you said stay tuned for more information does that mean you were gonna do another article to?
Smiley  Rena said on January 22, 2018:
It is a pleasure.
Smiley  Mizuki said on January 22, 2018:
It has a lot of information and makes readers want to read the article. I can get the image of how the new library and the new tech room looks. Thank you for this article.
Smiley  Dean S. said on January 22, 2018:
I never knew that there was gonna be a new computer room!
Smiley  Dia said on January 22, 2018:
Good story. I liked how you guys got different perspectives!!!
Smiley  Alexander said on January 22, 2018:
Full of the facts that you should know
Smiley  Esha said on January 22, 2018:
It is a good story.
Smiley  Phoebe.M said on January 22, 2018:
Me and Tessa could not have done it without Mr. Tomizawa and Mr. Cadalzo. Thank you for your help.
Smiley  Mrs. Anders said on January 21, 2018:
This article helped me know what is happening at Edgewood School, and you all must be so excited about the new library. I wish I could see it under construction, but your article helped me imagine what is happening. I will see it when it's finished. I miss Edgewood so much, and I miss you all.
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on January 19, 2018:
This is a really informative article! I particularly enjoyed how you weaved all the quotes from your interviewees together. Great job getting different perspectives! Awesome work, Phoebe and Tessa!!!
Smiley  Mr. Tomizawa said on January 18, 2018:
Well constructed story. Great job of gathering facts through your interviews, then putting it all together in this article. Awesome!