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The Cupola of Edgewood
by Alice Brodsky
Edgewood Cupola

Have you ever wondered when the cupola was put on Edgewood? We have the answers right here!!!!

In the Edgewood University class Edgewood History, we have found out what year the cupola was put on Edgewood. The cupola, or clock tower as it was called back then, was built in 1929. It was made out of wood.

The cupola was called the clock tower because it had clocks on the sides, front and back. Once as an April Fool’s trick in 1932, someone took the hands off of all the clocks! How ridiculous is that? Nobody could turn the hands on their watches to the right time! Somewhere around the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s the wood started to rot. Now the cupola is made of metal even though it doesn't look like metal because of the paint.

Here is a timeline of the cupola:

Cupola Timeline

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Smiley  Grace Varriale said on May 31, 2017:
Thanks!!!!!! Alice for writing about that,I have been wondering for a long time what was it made of and when was it built and more! this is the best story yet Alice!!!!!
Smiley  Alice Brodsky also the author of this story said on April 7, 2017:
Thank you very much Mr. Cadalzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on April 5, 2017:
The mystery is finally solved!!!! We have all been wondering about the cupola's origin for so long! Great job telling this story, Alice! I especially like the timeline at the bottom. Great idea to include that! Also, I just cannot believe someone stole the hands off the cupola's clock! Excellent story!