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The Early Days of Music at Edgewood
by Daniel Hoey, Eve Schiff, Jacob Goodfriend and Laela Bellew
In addition to being an accomplished trombonist, former president of the Music Educators National Conference, and an acclaimed conductor, Dr. Earl Groner taught strings at Edgewood School. He began as teaching at Scarsdale High School in 1972 and later moved to Edgewood. Violinist Ray Dotoratos has performed internationally in recital and solo orchestral appearances. He also attended Edgewood School as a child from 1966-1971, and his son now goes here.

Meet Mr. Ray Dotoratos and Dr. Earl Groner

Being a Music Student at Edgewood
Mr. Dotoratos talks about how he became a violinist and how he adores Edgewood.

Dr. Groner's Teaching Memories
Dr. Groner tells his favorite memories from Edgewood and other schools, and tells some jokes!

Musically Talented Edgewood Students
Mr. Dotoratos and Dr. Groner talk about their most talented students and where they are now.

Who Is Harry Alshin?
Have you heard of the famous Harry Alshin who got his beginnings at Edgewood?

Dr. Groner Plays the Trombone
Dr. Groner talks about his trombone and its amazing history.

Mr. Dotoratos Plays the Violin
Mr. Dotoratos talks about his rare violin and performs the musical story of Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

The Complete Interview

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