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The Legend of the Edgewood Ghost
by The Edgewood Ghost Edgewood Academy Course
Have you ever seen the Edgewood Ghost or wondered who it is? Is it a student who loved Edgewood so much he just doesn't want to leave? Is it a teacher who feels her work is not done? There have been sightings! Lights going on and off for no reason. Mysterious sounds coming from the music rooms. Shadowy figures roaming the halls.

Here are some stories that attempt to solve the mystery of the Edgewood Ghost.

The Doll
What do you think a ghost girl would get back from her old classroom? In this story, a little girl named Alisha comes back to her old school to take back what was hers.

The Tour
Thomas is giving a school tour to Carl, the new kid. But something is weird about Carl. Listen to this story to find out!

The Flyer
Did you ever teleport to a place that you don't recognize? Well, if you thought that was creepy, then you have never heard a story like this one. This story is about two boys that see something that they cannot unsee. GHOSTS! People think that ghosts don't exist, but they may be watching you at every second of every day.

The Yellow Bottle
Brother and sister, Callie and Palmer, are at home laying in their own beds after school. They’re angry right after their fight with each other, and they are really bored. Callie’s feelings are worse. Her friends are at their house for a playdate when the fight started, and Callie accidentally hit her best friend in the nose. After about two hours, Palmer finally broke the silence. “Wanna play hide and seek?” Even though Callie wanted to say no, there was really nothing to do. So she said, “Yes,” instead. But they didn’t have time to stand up because something incredible happened. They didn’t quite know what, but they were falling down, down, down...

The Haunted School
James comes to school on a regular day. He is lonely, but he meets a friend...who is a ghost! Listen to this story to figure out what happens to James.

The Musical Ghost
The Musical Ghost is a mystery about two boys, Evan and Jack. They are at Edgewood School. One day they hear an instrument. Then, they hear more instruments every day. To find out more, listen to our story!


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Smiley  Nittsa rai & Dia said on June 26, 2019:
SO SCARY!!!!!!!!!
Smiley  Sou Kakimi said on March 20, 2019:
ITS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Smiley  Maria Lopez said on February 23, 2019:
This are really fun. I am so scared.
Smiley  Sou said on February 15, 2019:
I wrote the flyer