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The Mysteries of Edgewood
by Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu

Have you ever wondered why Edgewood is the way it is? Did you think that Edgewood was one of those perfect schools? Or did you ever consider that even Edgewood got into trouble at some point?

But these stories will be about the mysterious and troubling things that happened at Edgewood School.

Story 1
The Third Grade Pranksters

This story is true, believe it or not...

It started out as just another normal day at Edgewood, but that was how it started out. It was just another Friday in Mr. Cadalzo’s third grade class, but there was no popcorn or juice. It was gloomy and grey outside, and what was about to happen was all out of the blue.

My friends and I were sitting in class being bored. My two friends and I do everything together: we play together, check math problems together, and even go to the bathroom together! (Don’t ask!)

We were always so happy, but this day, we were just wiped out. But, my one friend couldn’t stand this lecture about motor oil that Mr. Cadalzo was droning on about. That friend, (the one that always makes strange exclamations when he is bored,) yelled, “I REALLY NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!!” (And, of course, the other friends needed to go, too, not really though.)

“ME TOO!” yelled the 2nd friend.

“AND ME!” yelled the 3rd friend.

“Fine, but bring back some popcorn!” said Mr. Cadalzo.

I gave him a strange look. But eventually I gave in because I could see he was upset when I stopped his ‘very’ important discussion on motor oil.

So I marched proudly through the hallway straight to the boys bathroom with my friends marching behind me in pursuit.

We entered the bathroom, chirping like birds, not actually going to the bathroom; one of my friends wanted to have a staring contest, but I knew I would lose. “Maybe another time,” I said.

But out of the blue, my friend started to shriek quietly, and I just looked over at him, hoping he got my glance of “Why are you shrieking like a little girl?” But then I looked over at the sink; not remembering turning on the water, but it was pouring down into the drain fast.

“Flood!” I shouted.

Accidently shouting out what I had meant to say in my head, I yelled, “What happened, this school must be haunted!”

My friend said, “Maybe it was the Edgewood ghost!”

I honestly don’t know where it came from, but at the thought that the ghost was going to eat me, I burst into tears, having no clue where this extra emotion had come from. I ran back into the classroom as fast as I could, still sobbing.

Mr. Cadalzo, who was still talking about motor oil yelled, “What is it now? Why did you have to miss 59 minutes of a ‘very’ important discussion on motor oil!? And why are you crying?”

“I-I-I saw the Edgewood Ghost!”

“Do you really expect me to believe that?”

“He isn't lying. The water turned on even though none of us turned it on,” said his friends.

“Cool!” said Tanner, someone in our class.

“Who turned on the water?” Mr. Cadalzo asked.

“Duh, like the Edgewood Ghost, dude, like yeah.” said Tanner.

Mr. Cadalzo said, “I can totally believe that. Yeah, sure.”

He turned to the friend that was crying. “Who told you it was the Edgewood ghost?”

“Them.” He pointed to his other friends, still sobbing.

“Hey, you guys over there, get over here.”

“You are going to have to listen to 8 hours straight of me talking about motor oil.”

“Ugh,” we all groaned.

The End.

Story 2
Lunch in hand, "Out of hand"

This is not actually exactly what happened, but it is close enough.

It was a burning summer day, in the month of June. It was a day at school when all the kids in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade were waiting over an hour, just for the pizza at school to arrive, and to add to that, the entire time we were outside, soaking in sweat from the heat.

Some people had brought their lunches while others were left to starve. Oh the horror! Some people figuratively yelled, rubbing their stomachs. What would they do to stop themselves from going mad… mad… mad… “Maybe the pizza guy got eaten by a dragon,” some yelled. They wanted to scream and hit each other until they got pizza. They started to hallucinate and see Bob the cookie man throwing cookies everywhere. They would die of loneliness, the pizza abandoned them, their hearts were all broken. How could they ever get over the fact that the pizza abandoned them? But,this was all in their heads, of course, or was it…

Everyone was outside, having to do something to distract them from food. Lots of people talked to their friends, asking each other what was going on to keep them from being allowed to stay inside for food, or why the pizza was taking so long to arrive, or just whatever seemed to come up in conversation.

Luckily, no one was complaining about how it was hot, or why they could not go inside, at least, probably not.

We all stared at the clock, waiting, hoping to find something to make the time pass. “We could be inside reading by now!!!!! WE PROTEST!!!!!” We were going to become mad at some point, and waiting for pizza seemed infinite. What would we do to stop ourselves from starving? “Wait!!!!” everyone yelled. Tears of happiness streaming down their faces. The pizza had come to save us!!!!!!!

Some person drove up to the parking lot in a Toyota. He walked out of his car, and all the lunch people walked up to his trunk and box after box the pizza was coming out. We needed a celebration. HALLELUJAH! Everyone’s mouth was watering and they could not wait for the pizza to finally enter their hungry stomachs. They could not stop themselves from wandering up and shouting, “Gimme some of dat pizza!”

It all ended well, we all got our pizza (if we ordered school lunch), We got to go back inside ( yay, AC!), although we did miss some school, and our school lunch was never out of hand ever since.

Story 3
Edgewood Ghost Cat

This story is not true at all. Well, it has not happened yet...

It was a dark and stormy night, and thunder shook the trees. “Help!” A particularly unlucky cat named Pete was climbing the roof of Edgewood, but then the rain poured down over Pete and thunder shook the trees, destroying his only hopes of getting off the roof. He could not think of a single thing that could rescue him from harm. The rain showed no mercy to Pete, and he would not have a single way out from falling off the top of the cupola, and speeding toward the ground. How would he ever get out of this? Oh the trouble that he often found himself in.

Nowadays, in 2070, everyone was affected by global warming, and there were not really snow days anymore, although we all pretended to have them. No one was at the school or would be for another 3 days while we were allowed to enjoy the “snow.” The point is, everyone had left the school, and the Edgewood swimming team had abandoned Pete 5 hours ago.

So, Pete was finding himself full of sadness. Would he ever see O great Bob the third again? How would he ever forget the horror of the time he was lost, shaking with peril, and wishing for some kitty Num num. He could still almost taste the delicious sensation, burning in his mouth, making him think of all the things he missed from home. Kitty num num, where are you!? he thought to himself. CRACK!!! A tree nearby had fallen down with an ear splitting crack, and Pete jumped about 3 feet in the air. He landed with a thump, and he began to slide down the tiles of the roof. “Goodbye O great Bob the third!” he thought.

Suddenly, a branch from the fallen tree was hanging down, just in reach of his paw. After a brief struggle to get the branch, he was onto the roof again. YES!!!! BOB WOULD BE PROUD!! Wait.. correct me if I am wrong, but am I hanging from the top of the roof, the roof?! How in the world am I going to get down? Pete thought to himself. How in the world is Bob the 3rd going to know what happened to me. “Save me Bob, HELP!!!” Pete screamed at the top of his lungs.

Pete moaned in horror of what was happening to him, and he jumped off the cupola onto a tree. He started out just climbing a tree, and all of a sudden, he was dangling from one paw from off the tree. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” he screamed and screamed and screamed. He was going to go mad. Even if he did get out of this, he would never be able to climb a tree the same way again, but he loved the thrill of having all those big, loud, great big fire trucks coming to save him, and the firefighters with yummy treats. And, of course, being rewarded with kitty num num. Mmm, Ahh.He continued repeating/ screaming for a while until…

WHOOSH! The air dropped 30 degrees, and Pete’s fur stood on its end, and he was petrified. “Do you need help, puny little kitty?” A strange, ghosty, male figure covered in Edgewood accessories asked Pete.

“YES! YES! Yes!!” Pete cried with sudden happiness. He would be saved. He could brag to all those super annoying dogs that a random, flying person who was covered in random Edgewood accessories saved his life, all though of course he could not give all the details like the Elvis dude calling him puny.

Sigh. “Why?” he thought to himself. “Ghosty dude, how can you save me if you are not solid. Fist bump!” he said and banged into a soft, cloak like feeling, but it was still ghosty ish.

“Are you really a ghost?”

“For Bob’s sake,” he said.

“What?” Pete thought.

The air rocked angrily, and Pete was almost thrown off the tree. The Edgewood ghost turned around, and Pete saw the ghost for the first time.

“I am the Edgewood ghost.” he said, “And I am always here even if you do not realize it.”

The Ghost appeared mostly human although he had a glowing aura or something that made him look unnatural. He was really tall,(at most 7 feet) had glasses and was wearing as many possible Edgewood clothes that it is possible to be wearing (Shirt, hat, hoodie, bracelet, sunglasses, pants, shoes, etc. ) His eyes were constantly changing colors and now they were fixated on Pete.

“You realize that I am only rescuing you because Bob asked me to come and get you, right???? First off, I always know what is going and I know that you were foolish enough to climb the roof of Edgewood. And second off, I have no love for cats,” he said.

Pete flinched, and he felt like an arrow had pierced his heart. “But b-but but…” he stammered. He just could not believe that the ghost had rejected him like that, and he was at a loss for words.

Pete suddenly noticed something, he recognized something that O great Bob the third talked with him about. The Edgewood ghost looked just like the photo of Bob the orginal when he went to Edgewood although… younger and more ghost- y. “Bob?” he asked, filled with sudden curiosity on how this had happened.

“Oh, Pete, I was wondering when you would find out about me. I have been watching you for a long time. I was wondering if you wanted to be our watch cat over Edgewood and report to me what is going on when I am somewhere else.????”

If Pete was ever as speechless as he was now, he had no memory of it. “W- what. How, wait-”

“Yeah, I know that this did not turn out the way that you thought it would, but think it over.” The Edgewood ghost started to float away.

“Wait, Bob, you still have not gotten me down!” Pete called after the disappearing ghost. Right after, from right off the roof of the school, Pete heard the sound that he had heard earlier from Bob.

“Find another way, also, don’t you cats always land on your feet? Oh, and also, tell me tomorrow.”

If someone told him five years ago that he would casually talk with a mean, ghost, he would not have believed them for a second. Now, he just desperately wanted to scowl about what the ghost was saying. “I can NOT believe that you just left me here!” Pete shouted. But wait…, Bob was right! Cats DO always land on their feet! “I AM SAAVVVEEEDDDD!!” And with that, Pete the cat jumped off the roof of Edgewood school. (Which is not a good idea; please do not try this at home.)

From then on, Pete the cat was Edgewood School’s watchover and assistant ghost. (Even though he is not dead. He is magical.)


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Smiley  Caleb said on April 20, 2021:
Great stories! I really liked the second one
Smiley  Olivia said on June 2, 2019:
This story is SOOOO weird! (in a sort of good way!!!) also, if pete was magical, why couldn't he just fly of the roof of edgewood? also, where does pete go after he becomes a watch cat????!!!!
Smiley  Vanessa said on June 2, 2019:
hot dogs rule the world! Pizza also rules the world! I am mentioning this because this story mentions pizza some where. ICE CREAM ALSO RULES THE WORLD!!!!!
Smiley  Lillian said on April 27, 2019:
P.s Pete the cat is 1 year old and he was born in Peru. He has a brother named Albert.
Smiley  BOBBY said on April 25, 2019:
Smiley  Bob the Chicken said on April 23, 2019:
I wrote this story, but u do not know which creater I am. Mwah hah hah
Smiley  Lillian said on April 23, 2019:
Hi! I wrote this story!