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Edgewood Olympics Is Back!
by Jacob Goodfriend and Nori Kakimi

The Edgewood Olympics is back!!!!

Every 4 years, we have a Winter Olympics at Edgewood. This is the year of the next Edgewood Olympics!!

Before the Olympics can start, we are going to have to run from Colorado Springs to Edgewood. The two places are 1827 miles away from each other. The Olympic Training Center is in Colorado Springs. It is super FAR!

In PE time, we run in MLB Run. The MLB run is when we run around the gym. Also, we run around the kindergarten playground and the blacktop. When we run, we think of running 1827 miles!

After we run, we enter info on a Google Form and the distance gets posted on Edgewood News!!!!

It will be fun running all around!!!!!! We hope you have fun, too!!!

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Smiley  avi said on May 18, 2018:
i loved the olyimcs
Smiley  Emery said on February 6, 2018:
that's a lot of miles
Smiley  Amber said on February 1, 2018:
Me To!!!!! I made it!!!!
Smiley  Lucas said on January 31, 2018:
we will beat this challege
Smiley  Lucas said on January 31, 2018:
i think people are cheating and i'm ready to run
Smiley  Jacob said on January 24, 2018:
I made this yo!!