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March 2018 Talent Shows

Great shows! What talent! What a crew! Check out the March 28th and 29th Talent Shows!

Photos from the Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent Show

Audio Clips of the Performances
Clip of Oliver singing "Count On Me"

Devin playing "Colors of the Wind" on the piano

Clip of Giulia and Sophia singing "Some Day"

Grace and Alex playing "Classic Dance" on the piano

Clip of Julie, Emma and Kelly singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Ezgi and Abigale playing "Lightly Row" on the violin

Clip of Kaya and Tali singing "This Is Me"

Sam playing "Riders on the Storm" on the clarinet

Clip of Uma singing "A Change in Me"
Backstage Interviews
Coming Soon!

MCs: Mason Crane
Maxwell Block
Sound: Jacob Goodfriend
Henry Sperling
Spotlights: Casper Cornelissen
Kyle Gandhi
Lucas Heidbreder
Alexandre Leroy
Stage Lights: Arbri Gjyriqi
Noah Ng
Projector: Dean Santelia
Photos: Nicholas Ebner Borst
Amber Coffey
Chase Timberger
Video: Anish Mehta
Stage Manager: Mayo Nishigaki
House Manager: Martin Centgotitabengoa
Stage Crew: Daniella Gazel
Daniel Hoey
Leah Im
Suhani Mehta
Harper Smith
Bhargava Sri
Microphones: Laura Chesnut
Interviews: Kaitlin Duignan
Maddie Duignan
Elena Sannicandro
Set Design: Sunny Kang
Effie Kibalya
Claire Luo
Miyuki Mase
Camille Ryan
Vivienne Ryan
Uma Scher
Alice Suh
Amber Yang

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Smiley  Katie said on December 13, 2018:
I loved this talent show!
Smiley  Maddy said on May 30, 2018:
I loved the talent show! It was amazing! (BTW I did the backstage interviews and it was super fun, thanks for everyone who worked/helped in the show, also thanks so much to Ms. tucker and Ms. Yee who helped me out with the interviews!)
Smiley  Avi said on May 10, 2018:
i loved it
Smiley  Angelina said on April 7, 2018:
The talent show was awesome!!!!!! (Too Awesome!)
Smiley  Angelina said on April 6, 2018:
Plus loved the talent show!!!!!
Smiley  Angelina said on April 6, 2018:
I was dancing to the middle with the squad t-shirt !
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on April 2, 2018:
Another great talent show for Edgewood School! Amazing to watch such talent and such great collaboration behind the scenes with the crew. I also loved the "Pickle" dance at the end of the backstage interviews! 😂