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March 2019 Talent Shows

On March 7th and 8th we had our first round of Talent Shows for 2019. There were some great acts! Check them out!

Photos from the Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent ShowTalent Show
Talent Show
Backstage Interviews
Coming Soon!

MCs: Tessa Leroy
Pheobe Meizlik
Sound: Jacob Goodfriend
Henry Sperling
Nathan Ulrich
Spotlights: Arbri Gjyriqi
Ayaka Gueler
Nori Kakimi
Margot Lombaerde
Stage Lights: Arbri Gjyriqi
Noah Ng
Projector: Kyle Bach
Dean Santelia
Photos: Chase Timberger
Grace Varriale
Video: Anish Mehta
Stage Managers: Laura Chesnut
Leah Im
House Manager: Martin Centgotitabengoa
Stage Crew: Suhani Mehta
Aidan Roche
Microphones: Heidi DeBrabant
Lucy Detmer
Elena Sannicandro
Curtain: Bhargava Sridhar
On Deck Talent: Vivienne Ryan
Interviews: Amber Coffey
Effie Kibalya
Emma Zheng
Set Design: Lola Cordell
Sunny Kang
Ariella Shiloach
Harper Smith

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Smiley  Amelia said on December 22, 2020:
I think you did a great job
Smiley  karina said on December 16, 2020:
I liked the picture.
Smiley  Jack Simmons said on November 8, 2019:
Good job guys
Smiley  Lillian said on May 31, 2019:
nice job everyone (even though I was not in the talent show) p.s. hi, I like chickens (you can ignore that if you want to)
Smiley  Grace said on April 29, 2019:
Great job everyone.
Smiley  Andrew Lewis said on March 28, 2019:
Nice work Javin and Sergey, and congrats to everyone on the great performances! I couldn't be there (since I'm in 8th grade and I had school) but everyone has told me it was INCREDIBLE. Edgewood has lots of talent! :) If you know me, you know I love working on the crew, and I see so many incredible names on the credits list this year. Keep up the great work Edgewood!
Smiley  Katie(Duigs) said on March 23, 2019:
That was so cool!
Smiley  Javin said on March 13, 2019: