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Talent Show Behind the Scenes
by Anish Mehta and Arbri Gjyriqi

Every year an amazing set of events happen in the Talent Show. Every year kids write letters to Dr. Houseknecht to get a job in the Talent Show. This story is about them.

The people who work in the Talent Show prepare a month before the Talent Show even happens. But have you wondered where the performers go after their performance? Where do you think the recordings of the assemblies on the TV come from? And, where do you think the lights on the stage come from? That’s what you’re going to find out!

In the Talent Show there are always more than 7 people participating. But where do they go after they perform. It’s not like they just sit backstage and stay till the show was over. No, they get interviewed by people backstage.

Have you ever seen at lunchtime on the TV near the water fountain the Frosty Assembly gets played. Who do you think recorded that? I actually recorded it on the balcony with a recording camera. We go to the rehearsals to see how we are going to record someone, because if we don’t we’re just going to record someone normally and if she jumps off the stage we won't be prepared, and we're going to have to move it really fast and then it gets blurry.

Have you ever seen lights shine on the performers and on the stage? Well, the people who do that also are on the balcony, and one is also one of the authors of this story. Arbri does the lights on the stage that makes it look like an actual theater instead of a gym where sweaty kids run. Also the spotlight on the performers are done by the spotlight crew with different colors by the theme of the song. They can even change the colors when the main part of song comes. Everybody in the talent show has a different job to do. These are some of the jobs that everybody does like backstage, camera, lights and sound booth.

We asked some of the Talent Show people how they feel about it.

Name Job How do you feel?
Anish Mehta Camera "Best job in the world!"
Arbri Gjyriqi Sound Booth "It's awesome!"
Maddy Duignan Stage Crew "I like interviewing people. Really fun!"
Sienna Besikof Performer "It's really fun to perform!"
Chiaki Yokooka Audience "The shows are funny and exciting!"
Tessa Leroy Performer "Nervous and excited!"

A lot of teachers help out with the Talent Show they set up the camera, help play the music, and make sure everything is okay and ready for the Talent Show.

This might want to make you work in the Talent Show. If you want to you can send a letter to Dr. Houseknecht.

Louis Armstrong

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Smiley  Dia said on February 2, 2019:
the talent show was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smiley  Alex said on November 15, 2018:
I just wanted it.
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on June 16, 2018:
Awesome article! I'll add that it's super fun working on the shows for me, too! What makes it extra fun is working with great kids like the two reporters who wrote this article!
Smiley  Alessandra said on June 13, 2018:
Cool I love the talent show.Its super fun .
Smiley  Kduigs said on June 12, 2018:
I thought this was cool because the people who never had done the talent show or worked that want to do one of those could see what it was like before they did it.
Smiley  Maddy said on June 12, 2018:
I liked this story a lot! The cool thing about it was that the kids who just watch not perform or work, get a chance to see the behind- the-scenes! Great Job!