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Edgewood Toy Drive
by Charles Rich and Chase Timberger

This year we went on a field trip to deliver toys from our school’s annual Toy Drive to Cardinal McCloskey Community Services in Valhalla. Our toys and clothes will go to more than 5000 kids and adults. Usually when we donate a toy, we don't know where it goes and we just forget about it forever.

But this year we went with lucky Ms. Mangani’s class on a field trip to Cardinal McCloskey to deliver all the toys that Edgewood families donated. Last year Cardinal McCloskey collected about 70,000 items and they are hoping to get even more this year.

Before Ms. Mangani’s class went on the trip, the whole second grade passed all the toys down a line and loaded them onto the bus. When we arrived at Cardinal McCloskey we were met by their event planner, Kerry Gutenkunst.

When we first entered the Cardinal McCloskey Community Services, the second grade started to sort all of the toys onto tables. The categories were Stuffed Animals, Board Games, Arts and Crafts, Puzzles and Games, and even Clothes. Ms. Gutenkunst reminded us of the important thing we were doing. It’s not just about getting presents, it’s about giving too.

“When you wake up Christmas morning or another holiday you celebrate and you’re opening up a present, remember that there’s going to be another kid opening up one because of what you did,” says Ms. Gutenkunst.

We are definitely thankful for what we have. Thank you Edgewood School for your donations!

Toy DriveToy Drive
Toy DriveToy Drive

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Smiley  Maddy said on May 16, 2018:
It's Great for kids at a little age to learn to help out in the community, for other kids in need.
Smiley  Mr. Cadalzo said on December 22, 2017:
What a nice thing for Edgewood to do, and thanks so much to Mrs. Magnani's class for helping out! Great job on the story, Chase and Charlie!!!