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Who is going to be Frosty this year?
by Devin Topkara, Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu

Who is going to be Frosty this year? That’s the big question. Who is it going to be? Every year, at Edgewood School, there is a vote for who is going to be Frosty this year.

But every time we have the assembly, there are “problems.” For example, last year everyone thought Mr. Reilly would be Frosty due to the fact he was the one singing “Frosty the Snowman.” But we got a big surprise, Frosty was actually Mr. Destefano! What is the “problem” going to be this time? Are they going to fall off the stage, are they going to have more than one Frosty? I wish they would just give us some answers!

An anonymous group of people got a special invitation, admitting it to hardly any of the reporters! Devin T. said that “Mr. Reilly’s class had a special visitor come in and give them a secret invitation to the assembly.” The big question is who is the secret visitor, and what will they do next??

Every year at the school’s Frosty assembly, people think about who Frosty is. They even take guesses, but they hardly ever get it right! There is usually someone in the Frosty outfit singing and dancing, and apparently not melting, in the gym. But he is not always who we think it is. But the rest of the job is up to you!

Who do YOU think Frosty will be this year? If you want to vote, vote at Edgewood News.

We hope you enjoy the Frosty assembly!!!

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Smiley  Henry Sperling said on December 22, 2017:
That was a really good story.I liked how you told people what we did last year with frosty.Great job!
Smiley  Chase timberger said on December 21, 2017:
I found out who frosty is I saw the person take off the mask