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News Story 
Welcome Aboard, Mr. Yang!  Text  New
   Hi! My name is William Yang. I grew up in New York City and my elementary school was PS 40. You might recognize my school if you watch the “The Wizards of Waverly Place” in the opening sequence!
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Meet Mrs. O'Connor  Text  New
   My name is Kim O'Connor, and I grew up in Mahopac, NY. My favorite memory of elementary school was having the opportunity to go to the same school with 5 of my first cousins.
News Story 
Edgewood Welcomes Mrs. Divino  Text  New
   Hi! My name is Mrs. Divino. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island in a town called Cedarhurst, which is part of a group of communities called the Five Towns.
News Story 
Canstruction  Video
by Charlotte R., Emily L. and Paula S.
   Do you see that big flag behind Frosty? That's actually a big structure made out of cans made by the fourth graders here at Edgewood. The project is called Canstruction.
News Story 
An Interview with Johanna Hurwitz  Video
by Alexandre L., Amey J., Cynthia B., Emily L., Jai R., Kyle G. and Miarose P.
   What does Johanna Hurwitz collect for fun? What did she do when a meatball rolled down her friend's sleeve? Why did she run around Central Park pretending to be a Guinea pig? Find out all this and more in this interview!
News Story 
Mystery Reader  Audio  Photo  Text
by Charlotte R., Emily L. and Paula S.
   The Mystery Reader is someone who signs up and then, when the time comes, they go down to the first grade classroom. They wait outside until the first graders scream out the door, "OH, MYSTERY READER!!!!!" Then the Mystery Reader comes in.
News Story 
Pollution  Text
by David H., Lucas A. and Seamus F.
   Do you know what you do every day? You pollute! You are always polluting in some way, but you just don’t realize it.
News Story 
The May 2015 Talent Shows  Audio  Photo  Video
   Our Talent Shows on May 14th and 15th were incredible! They set the Edgewood record for most acts in one show!
News Story 
The Dreaded State Test  Audio  Text
by Matthew B.
   Some kids say it’s useless, some kids just hate it. But almost everybody agrees that it’s the worst thing since World War II. Guess what it is? It’s THE STATE TEST!!
News Story 
The March and April Talent Shows  Audio  Photo  Video
   Our Talent Shows on March 31st and April 2nd were amazing!

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