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News Story 
The Knitting Club  Photo  Text
by Amelia L., Anaise A. and Emily K.
   The knitting club meets every Thursday during lunch with Mrs. Fiorella and Mrs. Stokes. In the knitting club we learn how to knit. We also complete many projects.
News Story 
The Edgewood Olympic Challenge  Video
   On Jan. 13, Dr. Houseknecht introduced the Edgewood Olympic Challenge at an assembly in the morning. Watch the whole video here.
News Story 
Our Community Is Pretty Caring  Photo  Text
by Isabella G. and Norah M.
   We interviewed the Scarsdale mayor's wife at the Scarsdale Public Library Book Sale! Read all about it here!
News Story 
One Glucky Day  Audio  Photo
by Ben G. and Sydney B.
   One morning, our school super-hero, Mr. Gluck, saved a man from a car flipped on its side. Listen to this interview where he tells us all about it.
News Story 
Thanksgiving Assembly 2012  Audio  Photo
by Elizabeth D., Emily S. and Peter T.
   On November 21, 2012, the first graders put on a Thanksgiving assembly. Check out the photos and audio from the show.
News Story 
Edgewood Knitting Club  Photo  Text
by Christine L. and Jackie N.
   Check out what the Knitting Club has been up to!
News Story 
Salvation Army  Audio  Photo  Text
by Brendan K. and Nolan B.
   Have you ever wondered how the Salvation Army gives out food to the people who need it? Listen to learn this and how they help people at other times of the year.
News Story 
Stop Littering  Photo  Text
by Cole S.
   How can you change the world? Find out in this story!
News Story 
Midnight Run  Photo  Video  Text
by Melissa C. and Sophia S.
   Find out what 5th graders are doing to help the homeless in New York City!
News Story 
Malaria  Audio  Text
by Anna G. and Marykate G.
   We all know mosquito bites hurt, but did you know they can kill? Find out how you can help by listening to this public service announcement.

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