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News Story 
Candy Drive for Hope Community Services  Photo  Text  New
by Anish Mehta, Chase Timberger and Javin Lewis
   Do you want to find out where all your donated candy goes? We know. Read this story to find out.
News Story 
Mrs. Anders Is Back!  Photo  Text  New
by Anish Mehta and Noah Ng
   Today there was Classical Cafe, and it was 2nd grade. The MCs called the names of the waiters. After the MCs called everybody's names, they announced, “Mrs. Anders is back!”
News Story 
An Interview with Laura Marsh  Video  New
by Amey Jha, Arbri Gjyriqi, Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine, Kyle Gandhi and Noah Ng
   Laura Marsh has worked in children's literature for almost twenty years and is a children's book author. She has published numerous books with National Geographic Kids. Mrs. Marsh lives in the Edgewood neighborhood and visited our school on November 15, 2016.
News Story 
Design Shop  Photo  Text  New
by Elizabeth Duignan
   Design Shop is a club for letting kids design things. They are going to make chairs with PVC pipes and fabric.
News Story 
Halloween Games 2016  Photo  Text  New
by Charlotte Raff and Emily Levine
   The fifth grade at Edgewood made Halloween games for the younger students (K-4.) The fifth graders used fake spider webs, fake blood, paint, fake skeletons, and more scary halloween decorations.
News Story 
Tree Trouble  Photo  Text  New
by Adrian Wang, Caden Mannering, Carrie Ho, Chase Timberger, Ian Rozens, Javin Lewis, Layla Tan, Martin Cengotitabengoa and Noah Ng
   There used to be two trees at the baseball diamond at the corner of Nelson Road and Rodney Road. They were cut down by the Village of Scarsdale.
News Story 
Edgewood University  Text  New
by Alexander Hart, Anish Mehta and Sebastian Monge
   Edgewood University is starting in January. It is a new experiment at Edgewood. Starting in January, for six week you can choose the subject you want to study.
News Story 
Opening Assembly 2016  Photo  Text  New
by Alexander Hart, Arbri Gjyriqi, Chase Timberger, Grace Varriale, Layla Tan, Martin Cengotitabengoa, Mayo Nishigaki and Sebastian Monge
   On September 9th, we had our first 2016-17 assembly. Find out all about it here!
News Story 
Canstruction  Video
by Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine and Paula Serrano
   Do you see that big flag behind Frosty? That's actually a big structure made out of cans made by the fourth graders here at Edgewood. The project is called Canstruction.
News Story 
Mystery Reader  Audio  Photo  Text
by Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine and Paula Serrano
   The Mystery Reader is someone who signs up and then, when the time comes, they go down to the first grade classroom. They wait outside until the first graders scream out the door, "OH, MYSTERY READER!!!!!" Then the Mystery Reader comes in.

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