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Edgewood News on YouTube
   Edgewood News is now on YouTube!
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Student Perspective: The Crazy Remote Year  Text
by Pablo Dunoyer
   2019-2020 was a crazy year for everyone, teachers, and students. Here is a student's perspective.
News Story 
5th Grade's Halloween Fest Sounds Spooky  Text
by Grace Campbell, Jinghan Su and Rhea Sitaula
   The teachers gathered the students around in a big arc around the benches outside. They explained something that the fifth graders were going to do. The Halloween Project.
News Story 
Meet Ms. Tashia Brown  Video
by Jai Chandarana and Maria Lopez
   Mrs. Tashia Brown will become Edgewood's new principal in July 2019. Learn all about her in this conversation with our Edgewood News reporters.
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The Mysteries of Edgewood  Text
by Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu
   Have you ever wondered why Edgewood is the way it is? Did you think that Edgewood was one of those perfect schools? Or did you ever consider that even Edgewood got into trouble at some point?
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March 2019 Talent Shows  Photo  Video
   On March 7th and 8th we had our first round of Talent Shows for 2019. There were some great acts! Check them out!
News Story 
The Legend of the Edgewood Ghost  Audio  Text
   Have you ever seen the Edgewood Ghost or wondered who it is? Here are some stories that attempt to solve the mystery.
News Story 
A Conversation with Kate Messner  Video
by Madison Duignan and Tessa Leroy
   Author Kate Messner came to Edgewood on Dec. 11 to talk with kids about being an author.
News Story 
Edgewood's Class of 1961  Video
by Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Hannah Campbell and Sienna Besikof
   Twelve alumni from Edgewood's class of 1961 reunite for a tour of the school and conversation with two of our current fifth graders.
News Story 
Talent Show Behind the Scenes  Text
by Anish Mehta and Arbri Gjyriqi
   Every year an amazing set of events happen in the Talent Show. The people who work in the Talent Show prepare a month before the Talent Show even happens.

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