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News Story 
Edgewood's Class of 1961  Video
by Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Hannah Campbell and Sienna Besikof
   Twelve alumni from Edgewood's class of 1961 reunite for a tour of the school and conversation with two of our current fifth graders.
News Story 
Talent Show Behind the Scenes  Text
by Anish Mehta and Arbri Gjyriqi
   Every year an amazing set of events happen in the Talent Show. The people who work in the Talent Show prepare a month before the Talent Show even happens.
News Story 
Spring Talent Shows 2018  Audio  Photo  Video
   112 kids performed in or worked in the May 31, 2018 and June 1, 2018 Talent Shows! Not only is that more than ¼ of the school, it's also a new Edgewood record!!
News Story 
A Conversation with Janet Tashjian  Video
by Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Laura Chesnut, Madison Duignan and Sienna Besikof
   Author Janet Tashjian came all the way from Los Angeles to talk with kids at Edgewood.
News Story 
New Lunch Program  Text
by Ella Farnsworth and Olivia Unis
   Ever wish we had better lunches at Edgewood? Well, next year we will! What will be different? EVERYTHING!
News Story 
A Sneak Peek at the Time Capsule  Photo  Text
by Daniella Gazel, Laela Bellew, Momoko Sato and Olivia Unis
   The time capsule has been at Edgewood for almost 25 years! You can now take a peek at it in its hiding spot. Find out how!
News Story 
Abandoned House  Text
by Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu
   This story is about Mr. Reilly as a kid. His story features a “haunted house”, a “mean” old man and Halloween day.
News Story 
The Early Days of Music at Edgewood  Video  Text
by Daniel Hoey, Eve Schiff, Jacob Goodfriend and Laela Bellew
   In addition to being an accomplished trombonist and an acclaimed conductor, Dr. Earl Groner taught strings at Edgewood School. Violinist Ray Dotoratos has performed internationally in recital and solo orchestral appearances.
News Story 
March 2018 Talent Shows  Audio  Photo  Video
   Great shows! What talent! What a crew! Check out the March 28th and 29th Talent Shows!
News Story 
Olympics Closing Ceremony  Photo  Text
by Jacob Goodfriend and Nicholas Ebner Borst
   The Olympic Closing Ceremony was this past Friday, February 16, 2018.

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