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News Story 
Edgewood Toy Drive  Photo  Text
by Charles Rich and Chase Timberger
   This year we went on a field trip to deliver toys from our school's annual Toy Drive to Cardinal McCloskey Community Services in Valhalla.
News Story 
Edgewood University  Audio  Photo  Text
   Do you know what Edgewood University is? Edgewood University is a college at Edgewood School with many different classes to chose from. Find out about every class here!
News Story 
Cardinal McCloskey Toy Drive  Photo  Text
by Antia Sannicandro, Ava Zerbo, Emily Smith and Joshua Carter
   Each year around the holidays Edgewood has a toy drive to help people who don't have as much as we do. But do you know where the toys all go to?
News Story 
Candy Drive for Hope Community Services  Photo  Text
by Anish Mehta, Chase Timberger and Javin Lewis
   Do you want to find out where all your donated candy goes? We know. Read this story to find out.
News Story 
Canstruction  Video
by Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine and Paula Serrano
   Do you see that big flag behind Frosty? That's actually a big structure made out of cans made by the fourth graders here at Edgewood. The project is called Canstruction.
News Story 
The Thanksgiving Food Drive  Photo  Text
by Alexander Dyakin and Bingkun Duan
   I am going to tell you about the Thanksgiving Drive. Everybody was supposed to bring food for the poor. Each class collected a certain type of food: bread, stuffing, sweet potatoes, berries, and others.
News Story 
The Design Shop  Photo  Text
by Charlie Ferdman
   2nd Graders have been doing the Design Shop. It's a club 2nd graders do every Wednesday. We make purses, pillows and more.
News Story 
Edgewood Fair Photo Booth  Photo  Video
by Alessia Schettino, Emily Kolodner, Isabella Godshall, Matthew Barotz, Matthew Tardif and Simran Ruta
   This year at the Edgewood Fair, Mrs. Meyer's and Mr. Cadalzo's buddy classes did a fundraiser to benefit Pets Alive Westchester. They made a circus photo booth.
News Story 
Tag Sale  Audio
by Anabel Calderon and Caroline Cavalier
   UNICEF is honoring the entire Edgewood 5th grade for its charity work this year. They raised about $2,500 through bake sales, arcade games, and Mrs. Blackley's class flea market.
News Story 
The Knitting Club  Photo  Text
by Amelia Liu, Anaise Azambuya-Skoupy and Emily Kolodner
   The knitting club meets every Thursday during lunch with Mrs. Fiorella and Mrs. Stokes. In the knitting club we learn how to knit. We also complete many projects.

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