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News Story 
Mrs. Pasternack's Memories  Photo  Text
by Asuka Maeda and Emily Shiromoto
   Oh no! Mrs. Pasternack is retiring! Read and post your favorite memories of her here!
News Story 
Taste Around the World  Photo  Text
by Sydney Block
   Amazing food from different countries right here at Edgewood! Find out about it right here!
News Story 
Siri  Text
by Anna Donovan and Stuart Andersen
   Do you wonder about Siri? If so, you should read this article!
News Story 
The March Talent Show  Audio  Photo  Video
by Elizabeth D'Ambrosio and Samantha Medvinsky
   Wow! What a great show! Check out all the highlights here.
News Story 
Hurricane Sandy  Audio
by Alex Coeytaux and Simran Ruta
   Hurricane Sandy was rough for some people. Some of these people are in Edgewood right now! Edgewood News reporters Alex and Simran have the story.
News Story 
One Glucky Day  Audio  Photo
by Ben Goldstein and Sydney Block
   One morning, our school super-hero, Mr. Gluck, saved a man from a car flipped on its side. Listen to this interview where he tells us all about it.
News Story 
Happy New Year  Text
by Helena Leroy, Kasumi Tanaka and Yurina Kitayama
   We are comparing Japan's and America's New Years. From reading this story, you'll know how the two countries' New Years celebrations are different.
News Story 
Hurricane Sandy  Audio  Photo
by Christopher Beyer
   The nasty storm comes to Edgewood News. The big storm is Hurricane Sandy. Look at pictures listen to the interview on this tour of the storm.
News Story 
Frosty the Snowman 2012  Photo  Video  Text
by Ben Goldstein, Samantha Medvinsky and Tyler Staropoli
   We had a Frosty the Snowman assembly. Wasn't it fantastic? Watch the complete Frosty video here!
News Story 
Thanksgiving Assembly 2012  Audio  Photo
by Elizabeth D'Ambrosio, Emily Shiromoto and Peter Troiano
   On November 21, 2012, the first graders put on a Thanksgiving assembly. Check out the photos and audio from the show.

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