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News Story 
Media Club  Audio
by Anna Donovan and Julia Staffin
   Hey, if you want to learn about Media Club, click here right now ☺!
News Story 
Volleyball  Photo  Video  Text
by Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 6th Edgewood had a game of volleyball. Come look at this report and find out about it.
News Story 
Edgewood's 92nd Birthday!  Photo  Text
by Anna Donovan, Fisher Waterhouse, Melissa Cohen, Sophia Salazar and Spencer Sheppe
   Guess who's turning 92 on January 5th this year?!?
News Story 
Playground Cleanup  Audio
by Fisher Waterhouse, Inés Hall and Spencer Sheppe
   Don't you wonder how the Edgewood playground is so neat? Come listen to this podcast and find out.
News Story 
Winter Assembly 2010  Photo  Video
by Fisher Waterhouse and Sophia Salazar
   Check out some amazing video and photos from our Winter Assembly. You can even watch Frosty dance!
News Story 
Football  Photo  Text
by Spencer Sheppe
   Did you ever wonder what is happening at recess on the field? Come look at this story and you will find out.
News Story 
Bee Attack  Audio
by Connor McCarthy and Polly Adler
   Some friends of ours got stung at the Edgewood Picnic. Listen to find out all about it.
News Story 
Edgewood Picnic  Audio
by Casidy Donohue and Grace Vericker
   Click here if you want to learn more about the Edgewood Picnic!
News Story 
Haiti's Helping Hands  Audio
by Liana Givner and Nana Miyamoto
   If you want to find out how Edgewood helped Haiti, then click here at Haiti's Helping Hands! (no charge included)
News Story 
The Edgewood Olympics  Audio
by Anya Tullman and Hannah Weller
   Do you know why, where and how the Edgewood Olympics were formed? Probably not. Listen to this podcast to answer those questions and many more!

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