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News Story 
Effervescent Launcher  Video  Text
by Markus Johansson
   Something explosive is going on in fifth grade. Check out this story to find out all about it!
News Story 
Leaving the Amazing Edgewood  Text
by Hannah Lebow
   Read Hannah's reflections about what it's like to leave Edgewood when fifth grade comes to a close.
News Story 
Lunch Bunch  Audio  Photo
by Avery Rubin, Julia Jamesley and Mia Carroll
   Listen to this hilarious audio story about Lunch Bunch, and see some photos, too!
News Story 
Egg-citing Eggs!!  Photo  Text
by Mrs. O'Rouke's Class
   Mrs. O'Rourke's class is hatching chickens and ducks. Find out all about it in this incredible article written by their whole class!
News Story 
Talent Show - May 2012  Audio  Photo  Video
by Ben Sommer, Caroline Cavalier, Declinda Perfetti, Helena Leroy, Juliana Lebron, Sanjana Talus, Simran Ruta and Taylor Olender
   Listen to audio clips, look at pictures, and watch the backstage interviews from Edgewood's amazing final talent show of the year!!
News Story 
Hey! Where's My Coat?  Audio  Photo
by Declinda Perfetti and Mariana Julian
   Do you want to know what's going on at the lost and found? Find out now! We got, well...most of the answers.
News Story 
No Homework!  Text
by Sophia Trujillo
   I think kids should have no homework! Are you with me? Well, if not, I hope you are after you read this article.
News Story 
Talent Show - March 2012  Audio  Photo  Video  Text
by Aimee Azambuya-Skoupy, Alexa Widlitz, Apollonia Perfetti, Casidy Donohue, Ella Isak, Helena Leroy, Mariana Julian, Rebecca Newman, Sierra Donovan, Stella Mohlulis and Taylor Olender
   On March 29th and 30th, Edgewood was exploding with excitement because it was the Talent Show! If you missed it, you can see the pictures, listen to the audio, and watch video highlights here!
News Story 
The Cleaned Out Gutter at Edgewood School  Photo  Text
by Christopher Beyer and Ethan Johnson
   Did you ever wonder what was happening when you saw people working on the gutter with caution tape? Now you'll find out in this story!
News Story 
Ben Meets President Obama  Audio
by Caroline Cavalier, Charlotte Bonanno, Jillian Widlitz and Nolan Bansal
   Did you ever wonder what the White House is like or what pet the president has? If you have, listen to this interview because we have talked with Ben who on March 2nd had a meeting with President Obama!

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