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News Story 
The Swimmy Photo  Photo  Text
by Alexa Widlitz, Anya Tullman, Liana Givner and Sierra Donovan
   Do you want to see the ultimate Swimmy photo? The one that was picked over the many photos that were shot? If you do, then click right here to see it, to read about it, and to see some behind-the-scenes photos.
News Story 
Pointball  Audio
by Connor McCarthy
   Third grader Connor takes a look at some of the games kids play at recess. He found a game called Pointball that sounds like a lot of fun.
News Story 
The Lunar New Year Parade  Photo  Video  Text
by Alexa Widlitz, Anya Tullman, Grace Vericker, Julia Staffin, Liana Givner and Sanjana Bhatnagar
   Do you want to see some behind the scenes videos from the Lunar New Year parade? Do you want to see some great photos and videos from the parade itself? This is the article for you.
News Story 
The New Bell  Audio
by Alexa Widlitz, Amanda Glik and Anya Tullman
   You can hear it from your house, but you can't hear it from your classroom. It's Edgewood's new bell coming to life in this podcast! Listen on to hear more.
News Story 
Edgewood Olympics Pictures and Video  Photo  Video
by Grace Vericker, Hana Doi, Nana Miyamoto and Sierra Donovan
   Check out some pictures and video from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of this year's Edgewood Olympics!
News Story 
The Many Mysteries of the Rat Room  Audio
by Jack Brady
   Did you ever wonder what was in the room behind the door for the room that is called the Rat Room? Did you ever wonder what goes in the Rat Room? Keep on listening if you want to know.
News Story 
The Secret Life of a Custodian  Audio
by Gregory Kirchoff
   What secrets do you think hide behind the door of the Custodian's Room on the first floor next to the kindergarten? Is it a turtle, a cow or a chimpanzee? Listen to my podcast and find out everything!
News Story 
The Special Flame of Edgewood  Audio
by Ben Hezi
   Did you ever wonder what the mysteries of the Edgewood Torch are? Well, if you keep on listening you will find the answers to most of the mysteries.
News Story 
The History of the Kindness Jar  Audio
by Kaylie Amoriello
   Did you ever want to know how people are so nice to each other? Here at Edgewood we have a jar called the Kindness Jar. The Kindness Jar is a jar that people put notes in. So you want to know more? Then you are in the right place! I have interviewed Mrs. Anders to find out.
News Story 
The History of the Flags  Audio
by Christian Waterhouse
   Did you ever want to know to know why there are flags in the hallway of Edgewood? There are 32. Listen to find out more about these flags.

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