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News Story 
An Interview with Minako  Photo  Video  Text
by Amanda Glik, Anya Tullman and Sierra Donovan
   Minako returned to Edgewood from Japan. In an interview with three Edgewood students, Minako tells stories of her time at Edgewood, living through the earthquake in Japan, and more.
News Story 
Edgewood School Goes On Tour  Photo  Video  Text
by Sophia Salazar and Spencer Sheppe
   Come take a look at what third graders learned in college!
News Story 
Sled Stories  Audio
by Fisher Waterhouse and Sophia Salazar
   Do you want to hear the best sled stories in the whole entire world? Come by "Sled Stories" to listen to our podcast!
News Story 
The Talent Show  Photo  Video
by Alexa Widlitz, Anna Donovan, Anya Tullman, Fisher Waterhouse, Katie DelGuercio, Madison Amoriello, Melissa Cohen, Nathalie Quintana, Sally Ho, Sophia Salazar, Sophia Trujillo and Spencer Sheppe
   Want to see some amazing photos of the Talent Show? Check out exclusive backstage photos, videos, and interviews, too!
News Story 
The Big Blue Eagle - February 2011
by The Reporters of the Big Blue Eagle
   "For Kids, By Kids." Check out the February edition of the Big Blue Eagle!
News Story 
Media Club  Audio
by Anna Donovan and Julia Staffin
   Hey, if you want to learn about Media Club, click here right now ☺!
News Story 
Third Grade Astronomy Trip  Photo  Text
by Spencer Sheppe
   Every year third grade goes on an astronomy trip. Look at this story and find out about it.
News Story 
The Winter Concert  Photo  Text
by Eric Donohue, Fisher Waterhouse and Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 10th Edgewood had a winter concert. Come look at this story and find out about the assembly.
News Story 
Volleyball  Photo  Video  Text
by Spencer Sheppe
   On Jan. 6th Edgewood had a game of volleyball. Come look at this report and find out about it.
News Story 
Edgewood's 92nd Birthday!  Photo  Text
by Anna Donovan, Fisher Waterhouse, Melissa Cohen, Sophia Salazar and Spencer Sheppe
   Guess who's turning 92 on January 5th this year?!?

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