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News Story 
Hiroto in Japan  Audio
by Brian Lilly and George Brady
   Our friend Hiroto moved to Japan. He misses Edgewood, but he is also having fun in Japan. If you want to learn more, listen to our podcast.
News Story 
The 5 Rings  Audio
by Alexa Widlitz and Sanjana Bhatnagar
   Oh my gosh, you haven't hear about the 5 rings? Click here to find out more about Edgewood's 5 Olympic rings.
News Story 
Frosty  Audio
by Adi Pillai and Kazuki Mizuno
   Do you want to know more about the Frosty assembly? If you do, well hear this!
News Story 
Yale Football  Audio
by Grace Vericker and Sierra Donovan
   Hey, you want to learn about Yale football? If you do, this isn't the story for you. Just kidding! Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Listen to find out!
News Story 
The Swimmy Photo  Photo  Text
by Alexa Widlitz, Anya Tullman, Liana Givner and Sierra Donovan
   Do you want to see the ultimate Swimmy photo? The one that was picked over the many photos that were shot? If you do, then click right here to see it, to read about it, and to see some behind-the-scenes photos.
News Story 
Pointball  Audio
by Connor McCarthy
   Third grader Connor takes a look at some of the games kids play at recess. He found a game called Pointball that sounds like a lot of fun.
News Story 
Lego Robotics  Audio  Photo
by Ezra Levine
   Roll into this podcast as Lego Robotics is revealed before your very ears!!
News Story 
Circuit Rap  Audio
by Elizabeth LeBoyer and Zoe Ewing
   Listen to this rap we created to learn about parallel and series circuits.
News Story 
The Big Blue Eagle - March 2010
by The Reporters of the Big Blue Eagle
   "For Kids, By Kids." Check out the latest edition of Edgewood's school newspaper!
News Story 
Mr. Alterman and the Star Lab  Audio  Photo  Text
by Alexa Widlitz and Sierra Donovan
   Did you know bears used to have long tails? If you didn't, you'll find out all about it and much more on this podcast.

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