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News Story 
MLB Run  Photo  Text
by Jacob Goodfriend and Nori Kakimi
   Hey kids, when you’re in 3rd grade and over, you’ll do the MLB Run in PE. The MLB Run is where you run around the gym.
News Story 
Edgewood Olympics Is Back!  Text
by Jacob Goodfriend and Nori Kakimi
   The Edgewood Olympics is back!!!! Every 4 years, we have a Winter Olympics at Edgewood. This is the year of the next Edgewood Olympics!!
News Story 
Construction  Text
by Phoebe Meizlik and Tessa Leroy
   Edgewood School is getting a new library and new technology lab. The school is excited to have more space and no more construction.
News Story 
Edgewood Olympic Challenge  Photo  Video  Text
   On January 12, 2018, Dr. Houseknecht and Mr. Yang introduced the Edgewood Olympic Challenge.
News Story 
Edgewood Toy Drive  Photo  Text
by Charles Rich and Chase Timberger
   This year we went on a field trip to deliver toys from our school's annual Toy Drive to Cardinal McCloskey Community Services in Valhalla.
News Story 
Who is going to be Frosty this year?  Text
by Devin Topkara, Hannah Campbell and Lillian Liu
   Who is going to be Frosty this year? That’s the big question. Who is it going to be?
News Story 
The Bruce Hale Interview  Video
by Amey Jha, Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Henry Sperling, Lucas Heidbreder and Tomoya Hatano
   On April 29, 2017, Bruce Hale visited Edgewood. Our Edgewood News reporters sat down for an in-depth conversation with this amazing author.
News Story 
Susan Hood, Children's Author  Video
by Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Charlotte Raff, Emily Levine, Maya Isak and Noah Ng
   Children's author Susan Hood visited Edgewood. Our Edgewood News team sat down with her for a conversation.
News Story 
The Cupola of Edgewood  Text
by Alice Brodsky
   Have you ever wondered when the cupola was put on Edgewood? We have the answers right here!!!!
News Story 
The March Talent Shows 2017  Audio  Photo  Video
   Wow! What a show!! Check out the amazing footage of our Talent Shows on March 16 and 17, 2017!

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