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News Story 
Edgewood Olympics Pictures and Video  Photo  Video
by Grace Vericker, Hana Doi, Nana Miyamoto and Sierra Donovan
   Check out some pictures and video from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of this year's Edgewood Olympics!
News Story 
Our Third Grade Teacher, Mr. Cadalzo  Photo  Text
by Hana Doi and Nana Miyamoto
   Did you ever want to know about Mr. C.? Well, now's the time! You can read an article about Mr. Cadalzo here!
News Story 
Endangered Animals  Audio
by Jack Brady and Thomas Jacobson
   Click to listen to Thomas's and Jack's amazing information about endangered animals!
News Story 
The Many Mysteries of the Rat Room  Audio
by Jack Brady
   Did you ever wonder what was in the room behind the door for the room that is called the Rat Room? Did you ever wonder what goes in the Rat Room? Keep on listening if you want to know.
News Story 
The Secret Life of a Custodian  Audio
by Gregory Kirchoff
   What secrets do you think hide behind the door of the Custodian's Room on the first floor next to the kindergarten? Is it a turtle, a cow or a chimpanzee? Listen to my podcast and find out everything!
News Story 
The Painfulness of the Edgewood Express  Audio
by Thomas Jacobson
   At Edgewood School there are regular things. But then something painful came to Edgewood. It's called... sorry, you're going to have to keep listening for the rest of the podcast to hear what it's called.
News Story 
The Secret Behind Recycling  Audio
by Joie Liew
   Have you ever wondered about what happens behind the scenes in recycling? This interview tells you what is behind the scene in recycling.
News Story 
Scrabble  Audio
by Tanner McFarland
   Board games are fun, and this is one of the greatest board games ever!
News Story 
How Does the School Get Cleaned?  Audio
by Ellie McDonald
   Don't you hate when you see a custodian but you can't seem to figure out how they clean the school? Next time your friend asks you, "How do you think the school gets cleaned?" tell her to check this website out.
News Story 
Edgewood Pets  Audio
by Kristen Tse
   Edgewood is a place where ordinary things happen. But have you ever wondered what kind of pet was born in Edgewood? Listen to my podcast and find out.

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