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News Story 
Popcorn Parties  Text
by Arbri Gjyriqi, Charles Kinoshita, Chase Timberger, Henry Sperling, Javin Lewis and Layla Tan
   In Mr. Cadalzo class you have popcorn parties. They have drinks, popcorn and a lot of snacks. We call it the popcorn party because it's mostly popcorn.
News Story 
The February 2017 Talent Show  Audio  Photo  Video
   Our Talent Shows on February 16th and 17th were great! Check them out!
News Story 
Edgewood University  Audio  Photo  Text
   Do you know what Edgewood University is? Edgewood University is a college at Edgewood School with many different classes to chose from. Find out about every class here!
News Story 
The Edgewood Ghost  Text
by Adrian Wang, Caden Mannering, Dean Santelia, Ethan Isak, Henry Sperling, Ian Rozens and Luca DeDomenico
   Once upon a time, there were three boys. They were playing on the playground when they heard a spooky noise. Henry said, "Did you hear that?"
News Story 
Edgewood Outdoor Recess  Text
by Anish Mehta, Arbri Gjyriqi, Charles Kinoshita, Chase Timberger, Ethan Isak, Javin Lewis, Layla Tan and Samuel Weston
   Recess is fun because you can get some fresh air, run a race and win, catch a ball, score a touchdown, score a goal, become ace or stay in box ball.
News Story 
The Secret Life of Mr. Pizzuti  Text
by Dean Santelia and Luca DeDomenico
   Did you ever know that Mr. Pizzuti worked at an Italian restaurant? He is the P.E. student teacher.
News Story 
Cardinal McCloskey Toy Drive  Photo  Text
by Antia Sannicandro, Ava Zerbo, Emily Smith and Joshua Carter
   Each year around the holidays Edgewood has a toy drive to help people who don't have as much as we do. But do you know where the toys all go to?
News Story 
MLB Run  Audio  Photo  Text
by Amber Coffey, Elena Sannicandro, Laura Chesnut, Mayo Nishigaki and Tessa Franco
   At Edgewood School, the third, fourth and fifth graders do the MLB Run because this run promotes cardiovascular endurance in a fun and interesting way. In the MLB Run, you have to run around the gym as many times as you can in five minutes.
News Story 
Candy Drive for Hope Community Services  Photo  Text
by Anish Mehta, Chase Timberger and Javin Lewis
   Do you want to find out where all your donated candy goes? We know. Read this story to find out.
News Story 
Mrs. Anders Is Back!  Photo  Text
by Anish Mehta and Noah Ng
   Today there was Classical Cafe, and it was 2nd grade. The MCs called the names of the waiters. After the MCs called everybody's names, they announced, “Mrs. Anders is back!”

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