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Student Perspective: The Crazy Remote Year
by Pablo Dunoyer

2019-2020 was a crazy year for everyone, teachers, and students. In mid-March, everyone stopped going to school. One day you're going to Edgewood, not expecting anything. The next day, Edgewood is as empty as a ghost town (Ghost school?). Suddenly, everything is different. Everyone had to adapt to online technology. Instead of classes in school, kids met on 1 hour zooms, both morning and afternoon. Teachers posted homework on Google Classroom, and once you were done with it, you could do whatever you wanted, until your next zoom. There were different opinions on the remote learning schedule, but I think everyone, school-haters, school-lovers, parents and teachers can all agree that it was a crazy year!

If You Didn't Like School

You wake up. It’s 8:45 in the morning. It’s good to be able to get a good night’s rest. School doesn’t start until 10:00 in the morning, and you don’t even need to attend. You can make yourself waffles with big piles of whipped cream, mountains of sprinkles and big scoops of ice cream. You can ignore your homework, and play outside with your friends for as long as you want. It’s some many advantages that studying remotely gives you. A week ago, Edgewood closed down due to COVID-19. Now you are adapting to a crazy schedule, and learning to use Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Zoom. Wow, you love this remote concept. What a crazily good year this will be!

If You Loved School

The date is March 21, 2020. You have learned just about nothing more than a week ago. It’s hard to learn on Zoom. Your head is hurting, and after staring at a screen for an hour, you want to go outside, and you are easily distracted by little things, even though you think that you are paying attention to every word. You hate learning remotely. You really aren’t learning at all! You wish that tomorrow, you would wake up, and everything would be back to normal. You wish your head would be full of knowledge when you walk back home, and you wish that when you go to school the homework you carefully wrote in script would have the huge A+ that you always get. But you know that won’t happen. You know that you better make the best of this, because for at least a year, this is what you will have to endure. What a crazily horrible year this will be!


You wake up. Sigh. It’s another remote day of school. Back to planning Zooms for the day. It's a very… educational experience for you. But you wish it was for your students as well. But it’s not. You know it’s hard for your students to learn on Zoom. You prefer in-person learning much more. What a crazy year this will be!

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Smiley  Catalina said on June 15, 2022:
It's great to see a students perspective on online learning,/ the crazy remote year. I found them all intresting. Good work everyone!
Smiley  Alex.m said on January 31, 2022:
Great I though this is relatable.
Smiley  Eliza P. (5D) said on December 16, 2021:
Great job on your story Pablo! I loved the different perspectives. It was amazing! I wish I had the ability to make an amazing piece of writing like yours!
Smiley  Gracie said on December 15, 2021:
I like your writing! I feel like you wrote down what no one felt like saying.
Smiley  Kyle said on December 15, 2021:
I loved it Pablo, It was a Crazy year