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News Story 
The Winter Assembly 2014  Video
by Matthew Tardif and Patrick Vasilescu
   On Friday, December 19th we had our Winter Assembly. Frosty came to life, and guess who it was...!!
News Story 
Third Grade Portraits  Photo  Text
by Seamus Finn and Sorin Kalashian
   In Mr. Cadalzo's class we made portraits, but are not ordinary portraits.
News Story 
The Halloween Fair  Photo  Text
by Alessia Schettino, Eve Rich and Matthew Barotz
   Every year, the 5th graders run the Halloween Fair. They make cardboard games that people can play for stickers, stamps, and points! There‚Äôs skeeball, haunted houses, fortune tellers, mystery jars, bean-bag toss and a lot more!!
News Story 
Being in the Edgewood Talent Show  Video
by Caroline Cavalier
   Being in the Edgewood School talent show is very cool. It can be scary at first performing in front of the whole school, but you eventually get the hang of it. Watch this video to learn all about it!
News Story 
The Design Shop  Photo  Text
by Charlie Ferdman
   2nd Graders have been doing the Design Shop. It's a club 2nd graders do every Wednesday. We make purses, pillows and more.
News Story 
Animation  Video  Text
by Ari Lemisch and Matthew Barotz
   Animation is what makes cartoons move. Click on this story to find out more.
News Story 
Girls Can Tech!  Text
by Fannie Hong
   Mr. Tomizawa, our technology teacher, has had an idea for a very long time: a coding club! He wishes that kids can learn the art of coding.
News Story 
Edgewood Fair Photo Booth  Photo  Video
by Alessia Schettino, Emily Kolodner, Isabella Godshall, Matthew Tardif, Matthew Barotz and Simran Ruta
   This year at the Edgewood Fair, Mrs. Meyer's and Mr. Cadalzo's buddy classes did a fundraiser to benefit Pets Alive Westchester. They made a circus photo booth.
News Story 
The May 2014 Talent Show  Audio  Photo  Video
   On May 8th and 9th, Edgewood had its final talent shows of the year. Find great photos, audio, and videos here!
News Story 
The April Talent Show  Audio  Photo  Video
   On April 10th and 11th, Edgewood had its second round of talent shows for the year. Check out our photos, audio, and videos!

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